Jan 18, 2020

Hey chefs,

Winterlicious is just around the corner, feel free to work with us for the exact specification for your menu: Whole, Fillet, Portioned, Fresh or Frozen and sizes of fish. Tailor made for your needs!


Salmon price has continued to go up like crazy in the upcoming week. The snow storm in B.C last week has made it difficult for workers to harvest. While the East Coast Salmon is still too small and needs time to grow to marketable sizes. According to the farm, fish will grow faster and product bigger sizes in the summer time for better supplies.

                                                                              With the fishermen not catching much White                                                                                                          Bass and Yellow Perch this week, we have bought in White                                                                                  Perch caught by Gill net in Lake Erie. White Perch                                                                                                  is not a member of the perch family but actually a type of                                                                                    temperate bass and taste is close to that of yellow perch.                                                                                    A small pan fish (does not outgrow frying pan size) with a                                                                                    nice taste is great for Chefs looking for a Local Fish special! 




The catch of Spanish Mackerel along the Atlantic coast of America is good with beautiful quality fish. Medium size around 1-1.5 lb size, sustainable and recently a popular item among Chefs. 





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